I tried to save a buck!

I have decided Facebook memories is like your parents telling your most embarrassing stories over and over. This is what happened when I tried to save a little money buying the clearance razor. Who ever said,”It pays to be frugal” was a damn liar!

Why I will never buy a reduced to sale razor again. I was just trying to save a buck or two. My first clue that this was going to be a bad idea is that the damn thing came in a box. So, I had my new razor in a box near by. Get in the tub. Just want to give those legs a quick shave. Quick did not happen. First of all, there was nothing on the box that said “Don’t rip it apart. Because you will need to read the directions”. I just ripped the thing apart. That’s when I discovered I was screwed. I don’t even think this thing was a razor. I’m looking at it and I’m thinking it’s a damn lawn mower. There’s a razor on one side and some kind of trimmer on the other. What the hell. Is this for some kind of amazon women. I thought I bought it in the health/beauty section. Maybe, I was in the pet section. If that wasn’t scary enough. The damn thing required a battery. Which they were so nice to provide. Now, this is where those directions would come in handy. Because I can’t figure out where the hell this battery goes. So, I try to piece the box back together. It would have been a brilliant plan if my hands weren’t wet and I had my glasses on. Wet hands and cardboard becomes unreadable. And no glasses is impossible. But I managed. Figured out the thing twists in the middle. Of course, then I couldn’t figure out which side the positive went on. Had to resort back to the rules. Finally figure that out. Try to twist the thing back together so I can get this show back on the road. Well, the damn thing was not screwing back on. And every time I would almost have it on I would push some kind of button and the thing would make a vibrating sound. What the hell kind of razor is this. Then, the unthinkable happens. I drop the damn battery in the water. By this time I’m thinking hairy legs aren’t so bad. But hell no. I’m going to get this damn razor to work if its the last thing I do. So, I get out of the tub. And go get a new battery. This time I grab my glasses. And of course, the thing screws back on with no problem. After, all that. I found out you don’t need the battery for just the razor part. That’s just for the bush wacker of whatever that thing at the end is for. Now, they tell you. Stupid razors in boxes!

One thought on “I tried to save a buck!

  1. The vibrating razor for men came out in the 90s, and is the cat’s pyjamas. It isn’t so much vibrating as it is slicing back and forth so quickly it cuts sideway on its own while you pull it to cut in the direction you want.
    Of course, you probably know all this, 5 months later, if you persisted on using that razor the way it was intended. My wife loves her Lady Gilette, which does the same thing. For us, in my opinion, this is the biggest advance since straight razors were invented. Its shaves without irritation.

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