The imaginary money tree.

Photo credit to Kitchen fun with my 3 sons

Now, that my kids are grown. I’m grateful for glimpses into the past. Courtesy of Facebook memories. Now, I read these old posts and I laugh. This one was from 8 years ago.

Text 1 from Myles:Mom,were out of food.Are you going to the store?

Reply:son I go to the store every week.Then,I bring it home and my kids become locusts that attack my kitchen.Of course, everyone denies eating anything.But your siblings hide wrappers in their pillowcases and joors.At least,you throw your stuff in the bathroom trashcan.It doesn’t take a detective to figure out where the food went.

Text 2 from Myles:Mom when your at the store can you buy me good hair gel.This cheap crap doesn’t work.

Reply:Son,refer to text 1.Due to the money I waste buying food,expensive hair gel is not in the budget.But your 15 1/2 feel free to get a job.In the meantime,you can use spit or elmers glue since my “cheap”gel is not sufficent.

I think it was my sense of humor that helped me survive these years. The years where your kids thought money grew on trees. And that you just went outside to pick it. If only life was that simple. I remember the days of just going grocery shopping to only see empty cupboards again. Because teenagers have friends. So, it’s like you adopted the neighborhood kids too. And when you tell your kids you can’t afford to feed their friends. Then, you have to die from embarrassment when they take your words to heart. I remember once seeing a mom drop off McDonald’s to her son. I asked my son why? We had enough dinner for his friend too. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “But mom you said we couldn’t afford to feed my friends too!” If there was ever a day I wish the ground could swallow me. It was that day. I couldn’t imagine what that other mom was thinking when her son called and asked her to drop him off dinner. I still turn 50 shades of red thinking about it.

Another thing that we use to go through was toilet paper. I was almost convinced my kids snuck out in the middle of the night to paint the neighborhood white with it. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat on the pot only to discover that I was left with an empty roll. And don’t get me started on empty toilet paper rolls and lazy people who don’t change them. That’s a whole other blog. But I never did figure out where the toilet paper always disappeared to. But at one point did consider turning our house into a “prison”. Meaning I would give them toilet paper rations for the day. And trust me. If I was raising kids now with what toilet paper cost. I would enforce that rule.

There’s so many other stories connected to how my kids thought we had unlimited cash flow. But for now I’ll just leave you with those. Because some of you are now dealing with these problems. And my heart goes out to you. I remember the frustrations, the guilt of not not being able to buy them everything, and actually the envy of wishing you did have that kind of money. But none of that matters. Because a mothers love is free but worth more than anything you can buy them.

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