Giving whole new meaning to the phrase “white trash”

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There’s one thing I’ve realized about working night shift. You don’t always make rational decisions. When you are at work and sleep deprived your ideas seem brillant. For instance, taking a selfie with a trash can sounded like the coolest idea ever. Until I got home and put that plan into action. Then, I realized my neighbors don’t work with me. They are not going to understand why the hell I was doing a photo shoot with the trash cans. All I did was give them further proof that I was the inspiration behind Sonic’s Whacky Pack!

Before we get to that embarrassing situation. Let’s take a little ride in the time machine. To where this original idea came up. You see I was on my 3rd 12 hour night shift. I hadn’t got much sleep before I came to work. And basically I walked into what we like to call a “shit show”. Basically, you don’t know which way is up and which way is down. But hey you have 12 hours to figure that shit out. Call lights are ringing like patient’s are competing on a final round of Jeopardy. Everyone has synchronized bladders. Meaning everyone has to go to the bathroom at the exact same time(On a side note they really need to do a scientific study on that ). Bed alarms are going off because some patients like to see how fast you can really run. As much as those go off. I ‘m really baffled how I’m even fat! But let’s not get off track here. And let’s not forget about the admissions that roll up during the pandemonium. I mean I love trying to welcome a new patient then hear a bed alarm go off. Then, that meet and greet turns into a “Hi/Bye/Gotta go/but I’ll be back soon” session. So, basically it’s a typical night when you work in healthcare.

But even in the chaos there’s still time to debate important matters. Like if that thing you lug to the curb on trash day is called a “Trash Can” or “Barrel”. I mean this is a legit question. And became a hot topic in between nursing duties. I call it a trash can and my friend calls it a barrel. This is what a barrel looks like to me…

And this is a trash can…

And since I always have to be “right” I felt it was my duty to show my friend the light. Or to be more accurate the trash. And this is where the idea was hatched to do a poll on what we had. A trash can or barrel?

Simple enough? Probably! But in true Kari fashion I decided I needed to do a selfie with the trash can. So, here I am. Early in the morning. It’s like 4 degrees outside. I have no jacket( because obviously I like to live on the wild side and not look at the weather forecast). And I’m standing on the curb trying to get the perfect photo with our trash cans. But when you don’t have a selfie stick and are trying to get 2 wide objects(meaning me and the cans) in the shot. It can be a tad challenging. So, there I was holding the camera up and to the side. I even tried lowering myself a little to fit it all. But in reality you need a damn engineer degree to make it work!

Meanwhile…. across the street. A curtain is discreetly pulled back so Karen can show her husband that their neighbors were really white trash! Congrats Karen! Way to solve that case. Now, can you help me out and vote for trash can!

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